In December, Breakthrough2Love arranged fifteen interviews with a diverse group of interfaith religious leaders.  We asked that they come talk to us about their faith traditions, their leadership in these traditions, and the issue of LGBT inclusion and equality within religious spaces.  We were hoping that some of them might say something inspirational.   What we got was far more powerful than we ever could have imagined.

We are hard at work editing this footage to create a full version of this powerful statement of interfaith religious solidarity with the LGBT community.  This short video is just a teaser/trailer, created to begin sharing these amazing voices with the public now, at a time when the national conversation around marriage equality is so vibrant.  We encourage you to watch the video, share it with your friends and family, and talk about these issues with the people in your life.  Real conversations are going to change the way people feel.  Now’s the time for those of us who are religious to make our voices known.  Let’s make history.  Be a witness to Love.

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