Capture the Day

As religious leaders, we work tirelessly to create wonderful worship and educational services for our communities.  Too often, the hard work and effort we put into these programs and services are enjoyed in the moment, but then lost because we didn’t remember to photograph or otherwise record the event.  We know that the communities who register to participate in Breakthrough 2 Love are going to create some unique, powerful, and healing events.

In an effort to support you as you prepare for this special event from February 15 to June 30, we would like to encourage you to “Capture the Day.”  Please plan to document your service through photography, audio, or video recordings so that you have a record of what you created.  If you are able to capture any of your service and would like to share the photos, audio recordings or video clips, we would love to see them!  Please email your files to us at  If they are too big to email, let us know and we will find a way to receive them.