The Breakthrough 2 Love Team was formed through a collaboration between the Coalition for Welcoming Congregations of the Bay Area and California Faith for Equality.



Rev. Roland Stringfellow


Roland has an several graduate degrees, including an MS in Counseling, an MA in Ministry, and an MA of Divinity. He has been ordained by the Baptist Church, the Metropolitan Community Church, and is licensed with the United Church of Christ.  He has worked as a pastor in Indiana and California. He has conducted multiple workshops on the topics of race, religion, class and sexuality. He has been consulted by media outlets regarding his work on marriage equality and the role people of color and communities of faith play in this local, state and national debate. In 2010, Roland began working with the Los Angeles based “California Faith for Equality” as the Director of their African-American Faith Community Project (the “Umoja Project”) working with pastors and lay leaders in the Black church to provide pastoral care for gay and lesbian members of their congregations.  Currently Rev. Stringfellow is continuing his work in creating dialogues on the topic of LGBT equality with church congregations and in religious institutions.  These goals are realized in part through his work as the Director of Ministerial Outreach with the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at PSR, where Roland oversees the work of the Coalition of Welcoming Congregations of the Bay Area.



Teresa Carson


Teresa is a graduate student at the Pacific School of Religion, working towards a Master of Divinity degree.  She has a BS in Physical Education and a MA in Education with an emphasis in Counseling.  Teresa is currently working as an intern with the Coalition of Welcoming Congregations of the Bay Area.  As Roland’s assistant in the CWC, Teresa is responsible for juggling a wide variety of jobs, including overseeing much of the Breakthrough2Love campaign.  In conjunction with Katie, she has spearheaded the social media and web presence aspects of this campaign.  She is passionate about LGBT rights and working to end the shame and internalized oppression that is so prevalent in our community.



Rabbi Eleanor Steinman, MAJE


Rabbi Eleanor Steinman is the Executive Director of California Faith for Equality. She is a graduate of Brandeis University and attended seminary at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles where she received a Master of Arts in Hebrew Letters, Master of Arts in Judaic Studies, and Rabbinic Ordination. She currently resides in Los Angeles.



Katie Koumatos


Katie sits on the advisory board of the Coalition for Welcoming Congregations as their first pagan clergy member.  She is an ordained third-degree High Priestess and a graduate student at the Pacific School of Religion.  With a BA in Cultural Anthropology, she feels called to facilitating improved dialogue both within the interfaith community and between the religious community and the secular world around us.  Katie is deeply involved in the web presence of the Breakthrough2Love campaign.  She is also the point-person for working with the outside design talent that is being donated to the project.  When she isn’t working on B2L, she is reading for classes and chronicling her experiences as pagan student in an ecumenical Christian seminary on her blog, Pagan on the Pulpit.